Women In Cannabis You Should Follow

Women In Cannabis You Should Follow

Women are playing a pivotal role in the Canadian cannabis industry, with many occupying innovative and impactful positions. This is a significant achievement in an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men, and it is only the beginning.

These six women are united by their compassion for others and their willingness to fight for what they believe in. They’ve persevered through countless policy changes, personal hardships, and other barriers in pursuit of the same goal: making cannabis more accessible.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women who are making the Canadian cannabis industry better every day. These trailblazers are paving the way for a brighter future for all.


Ashleigh Brown, Founder and CEO, SheCann; Consultant and Advocate – Women

Ashleigh Brown is the founder and CEO of SheCann, a company that provides consulting and advocacy services for women in the cannabis industry. She is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and equality, and she is committed to helping women in the cannabis industry thrive.

If there’s one thing SheCann founder and CEO Ashley Brown has demonstrated, it’s that there is power in the community.

Brown feels a great deal of pressure to be personally available for every member of the SheCann community, an online advocacy group she founded for women who use medicinal cannabis.

“I can only be honest about this fight. It’s twofold: I’m a disabled person, working, raising a family and defending myself and others. I want to be a good advocate for my teenage daughter and other women. role model,” she said.

“It means being vulnerable: it’s hard, but at the same time, being in charge of SheCann is probably the most humiliating gift I’ve ever received,” says Brown. But it is the goodwill of the community, she says, that “allows me to move forward even in the most difficult days.”

Brown notes that the most gratifying aspect of heading up the SheCann community has been seeing people reclaim their quality of life.

Our society is facing many challenges, from the high cost of living to taxation and access to essential services. And people are asking me how we can make things better for ourselves and our loved ones. How can we be heard?

Our new Medical Cannabis Access Survey, created in partnership with McGill University, Medical Cannabis Canada, University of Manitoba, SheCann, and Santé Cannabis, is the result of careful questioning and research.


Ika Washington, Health and Social Policy Consultant, Diversity Talk – Women

The lack of diversity in the Canadian cannabis industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Ika Washington, the founder of DiversityTalk, is dedicated to promoting diversity in the industry through her consulting firm.

She has made a big contribution to the cannabis industry by starting difficult conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-discrimination, and anti-racism, and explaining what these concepts mean.

Washington’s experience shows that for many companies in the cannabis industry, diversity is not a priority. However, diversity can have both positive and negative impacts on business.

Washington says that the most difficult part of her job as a freelance consultant is getting people to listen to her and partnering with the right companies.

It can be difficult to get on the right platforms and get noticed. You have to put yourself out there and constantly prove yourself. This can make it hard to get work done.

Washington argues that simply being “diverse” is not enough to create an inclusive environment. She asks potential clients to consider whether their workplace is truly representing all types of diversity, and whether employees feel safe and valued in those spaces.

Working in diversity can be daunting, she says, “but then I get a person texting me and saying, ‘I need this,’ and I remember why I’m in this game.”

While progress may seem slow at times, there are always small changes happening and steps being made, even if they’re not always immediately visible.


Dr. Shelley Turner, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Ekosi Health – Women

Dr. Shelley Turner is the founder and chief medical officer of Ekosi Health, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions. She is a highly respected authority in the field of healthcare, with a wealth of experience in developing and managing successful healthcare organizations. Dr. Turner is a passionate advocate for improving healthcare access and quality, and is dedicated to providing Ekosi Health’s clients with the best possible care.

When we founded Ekosi Health, we thought carefully about why we exist and what makes us unique. According to Dr. Shelley Turner, the founder and chief medical officer, Ekosi Health is a network of health centres that focus on personalized cannabinoid therapies for patients. This makes us stand out from other health providers.

We want to help people become more resilient and self-sufficient. We believe that healthcare should be about empowering patients to take control of their own health. By focusing on self-care, we can help people lead healthier lives.

Since she started her practice, Dr. Turner has helped more than 17,000 Canadians access cannabis for medicinal purposes. She is currently working closely with members of Indigenous communities, several post-secondary institutions, industry stakeholders, and public sector organizations to improve the health of even more people.

Cannabis has numerous medical benefits, and seeing patients take charge of their own health is very empowering.

Kayla Mann, Chief Financial Officer, Habitat; Photographer – Women

It is widely known that running a successful cannabis company in Canada can be quite difficult due to strict regulations and high taxes. As the CFO of B.C.-based Habitat, Kayla Mann is well aware of the financial challenges these restrictions can pose.

Despite the challenges of being a craft producer, Mann says that positive feedback from consumers is all it takes to remind her why she does what she does.

It’s the moments like when someone tells you that your product changed their life, or when it smells like Fruit Loops, that make me think I can keep doing this for another crop.

When she’s not managing finances, Mann is a professional nude photographer. This helps her maintain creative balance and keep her life in perspective.

“We live in a world that really glorifies financial knowledge, so I try to use my knowledge for a very specific kind of financial work—work that has value,” Mann said. “Sitting in front of a spreadsheet all day gives me a headache, so I need to find a balance. Having both is so important.”

Another thing that motivates Mann is her company’s commitment to sustainability. Habitat uses an aquaponics system to grow cannabis, recycling 99.7% of all water used. It is also working on implementing biofuel technology to further reduce waste.

Mann’s unique approach to cannabis cultivation and production makes it an appealing option for those looking to consume it for its health benefits. By treating cannabis as a crop and focusing on producing quality products, Mann is changing the way people think about this plant.


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