When To Trash Your Expired Weed

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When To Trash Your Expired Weed

How do you know if you’re smoking expired weed? What should you do with old weed? How do you even know if your weed is expired?!


Does weed expire?

There is no set expiration date for cannabis products, as each batch can vary. In most cases, there are no “best before” labels or stamped dates of approval or testing. Some packages of cannabis include a suggested range of expiration dates, but these dates may not be uniform across the board.

There can be some issues when shopping for cannabis products online or in brick-and-mortar stores because the quality of the product can be questionable. For example, some cannabis products can be fresh and have great flavor, but be less potent than other products. The kind of cannabis product you buy also has a big impact on how long it will remain at its peak flavor, potency, and other qualities. Let’s go over each kind of cannabis product in order of how long they last.


Cannabis edibles

Edibles made from marijuana can last a long time – weeks or even months, depending on the type of edible. Just like other food items, cannabis-based edibles have best-before dates. This means that cannabis edibles will expire the quickest. Weed candies, chocolates and other less perishable edibles will remain potent and delicious for a lot longer than pot cookies, but even these can lose some of their active ingredients over longer periods of time.


Cannabis flowers

Cannabis flowers are unlikely to degrade in quality even though they are in their most raw form. This is because of the drying and curing process, which makes buds last longer than expected.

It’s difficult to say how long each batch of buds will maintain its freshness, potency and all of its flavors & aromas. There are many factors involved, including how the buds were grown, harvested and stored. Some strains have a shorter shelf life than others – this is due to genetics or certain cultivation techniques – but the truth is that not all cannabis flowers have the same shelf life.


Cannabis concentrates

There are a variety of different cannabis concentrates that can last for a decent amount of time. Some degrade quickly due to their more natural extraction methods and organic states, while other types of concentrates, like shatter, distillates, and some with a more scientific approach, can last for months or even years. You don’t have to worry about using weed that’s past its expiration date when you’re using dab rigs or vaping concentrates.


Cannabis oils

Cannabis oils are a great value when it comes to purchasing a long-lasting, potent product. The oils that cannabinoids and terpenes are carried in help to preserve the profile of flavors, aromas and effects. Many cultures have practiced preserving herbs, spices, medicines and psychedelics in oil-based forms for years. Today, oil-based cannabis products have an extended shelf life, lasting years, not weeks or months.


Cannabis topicals

Cannabis topical products can last 6 months to a year, but the other ingredients can last much longer.

As we’ve seen, there are different levels of cannabis products, and this means that the more organic, natural, or less-processed a product is, the more likely it is to degrade and expire. However, the answer to this question is actually “it depends.” In order to know if your weed is expired, you need to understand how it deteriorates over time.


How do you know if your cannabis expired?

Can you tell if your marijuana is expired by looking at it? Yes, there are many signs to watch for. For example, old, dried-out buds will have little to no potency left. Other signs to look for include discoloration, a change in smell or taste, and loss of potency.


Visual cues that your weed is getting old

If your cannabis is looking old and dated, it’s likely because you’re smoking or storing it incorrectly. The color and brightness will fade, and it might even start to look like it’s falling apart. This is a sign that the cannabis is expired, and you shouldn’t use it.

Changes in color and texture indicate that your weed is no longer fresh, but also indicate that it is losing potency. This can happen when it is dried out or if it has been stored improperly. In some cases, buds can look like they are starting to curl in on themselves – this is a sign of degradation caused by dryness, but it can also be the result of improper storage.

Most of the visual cues that we use to determine potency and flavor in cannabis flowers don’t apply to cannabis oils or concentrates, which can show signs of degradation over time, but this typically doesn’t have a major impact on potency or flavor.


Trust your senses when it comes to expiring weed

If you notice a change in the flavor or aroma of your cannabis, it might be a sign that it is nearing its expiration date. This could mean that the weed has gone stale, and that it is not as flavorful or aromatic as it used to be. Always be cautious when using cannabis products, and if you notice any unusual changes, avoid using them.

Smelling a product is a safer way to determine if it is still potent because you don’t have to ingest it to test this sense. A good whiff of a favorite old strain should be enough to tell you if they are still good or not. Do you get waves of cascading pungent aromas, like pine, pineapple, citrus, spice, or diesel? That smells delicious, so let’s smoke it! When you open your weed jar, does it suddenly smell like rotting wood, wet hay, or grass clippings? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve got some bunk buds in there.



There are lots of different ways to reuse salvaged weed, and it’s up to each individual to decide what works best for them. Some cannaseurs find the whole process to be gross and a waste of time, so there’s no need to do it if you don’t want to. As long as you’re willing to try something new at least once, there are lots of fun and interesting results to be had by reusing some of these salvaged cannabis products.

Many homegrown stoners like to save their own cannabis that has expired, rather than throwing it away. Turning this stale cannabis into products like edibles or topicals is a worthwhile effort, as these products can be made from any amount of remaining cannabis. There is no limit to what you can make with your repurposed cannabis, just be aware that it will be less potent, less flavorful, and less aromatic.

Naturally, it’s clear that using recycled cannabis products carries the risk of mold or bacteria. Be careful with your salvaged buds, and if you have any doubts, just discard them. If you are interested in cannabis, check out Ganja West online dispensary at and pick up some bud!

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