What Are Live Cannabis Resin Concentrates?

Live cannabis resin concentrates are the extracts of cannabis. They are also known as dabs and contain a higher THC amount in them. Live resin concentrates are prepared by a unique process of extraction.


Things you should know about the live cannabis resin concentrates.

Cannabis is a type of psychoactive drug extracted from the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Many consumers also use it for recreational purposes. Cannabis has several names including the most popular name marijuana. The term marijuana is known globally which makes it easy when you are trying to find it in other countries. You can also find it using the term weed. People have been using cannabis for a long time for treating various medical problems. Nowadays, cannabis is overwhelmingly used for recreational purposes as it greatly alters the mind, giving you the feeling of joy. Some people tend to use it regularly for this purpose

In the modern procedure of cultivating cannabis, the major role is played by the advancement in technology. Lights are growing efficiently by the cultivators. They are also trying to optimize the yielding process by introducing innovation in fertilizing solutions. Many breeders are working on the processes to create the best quality strains. These strains are tailored specifically for every individual requirement. Even the concentrates are getting optimized and produced in such ways that could benefit the march that is forwarding towards the technology and its science. 



Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that was named so because of the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it was produced. Unlike several cannabis products, a live cannabis resin extract is made from plant material that have not gone through any drying or curing process. The marijuana plant material used for live resin includes flower buds and sugar leaves that are acquired as fresh as possible; the leaves and stems are discarded. The plant materials go through the process called flash-freezing which helps preserve the most desirable compounds and retain the full flavor of the originating cannabis plant. 

These cannabis resin concentrates are the cannabis extracts specifically tailored to fulfill the various needs of different individuals. The live resin is the most potent type of cannabis extracts. It is also one of the purest kind of cannabis extracts available in the market. The concentrates are also known as dabs in many locations. The key feature of this concentrate is that the THC levels are particularly high and at extreme levels. The live resin concentrate can deliver some powerful punches of intense THC effects. The most basic but strong effect is the recreational effect that tends to get more intense in a short amount of time. It also has some huge benefits in medicinal use because of its very high THC content. Consumers tend to lean toward live cannabis resin usage because it provides for more flavorful and aromatic dabbing experience. 



The live cannabis resin concentrate has some primary key points that make it one of the best choices for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The key point is that the flower of cannabis contains an aroma that is more vibrant than others. The taste of these flowers is also appealing and feels vibrant too. They are much better than those cured and dried products used as replacements.

Individuals who have cultivated and trimmed some fresh cannabis will easily understand the phenomena. The aroma and taste of fresh cannabis flowers are both striking and pungent when compared to the taste and smell of cured and dried products. The dried counterparts of these flowers lack the punch of aroma and taste and resulting in reduced effects. That is why the live resin cannabis concentrates are excessively prepared regardless of its complex procedures involved throughout the process.


Preparing the live cannabis resin concentrates involves a very complex process. The process involves the part of freezing the cannabis flowers and then extracting all the THC content from it using some solvents. After the process is successfully completed, the results are quite overwhelming. You will get a pure concentrate that is extremely strong that retained the maximum amount of its terpenes with an increased cannabinoid profile. This live cannabis resin concentrate that is prepared from cannabis extracts will provide you with an extreme punch and an immense amount of flavor. It will also determine its value by providing the distinct THC effects to the individuals.

Live cannabis resin is considered as the hydrocarbon extract just like the other extracts of BHO/PHO. The reason for considering it a hydrocarbon extract is that they are produced by the use of hydrocarbon solvents. Hydrocarbon solvents such as propane and butane are used in the process of preparing cannabis concentrates. In the process of manufacturing BHP/PHO extracts, these hydrocarbon solvents are used to isolate the valuable content of terpenes and cannabinoids from other excess materials of the plant. This helps these concentrates to retain the extreme level of terpenes or THC while keeping the high cannabinoid profile.  

The process of producing the live resin concentrates is complex due to the need to achieve the feat of passing the solvent in the system of extraction through the material of the plant. The most sophisticated scientific method used in this process is the closed-loop system of extraction. It also involves using some scientific equipment that involves enough sophisticated processes for regulating the passage of hydrocarbon solvents through the material of the cannabis plant.  

The hydrocarbon solvents can also be harmful to the material of the cannabis plant. When the hydrocarbon solvent is passed through cannabis, it starts extracting the terpenes and cannabinoid contents from it and turns it into a more viscous substance. This extracted viscous substance will be dried out afterward. Using the closed-loop system involves some advanced processes to isolate the excess hydrocarbon solvent. This process further purges them from the plant through a vacuum system.



As we have discussed earlier, the preparation of live resin concentrates involves some complex procedures throughout the production. Like other extracts of BHO/PHO, live resin concentrates differ greatly in the process as it is carried out from the frozen plant of cannabis. There are some considerations that a manufacturer has to keep in mind while preparing the live resin concentrates. This can be beneficial for both the concentrates and the manufacturer.

Fresh cannabis has to be flash-frozen immediately after harvest. This is not as simple as it sounds. When transferring the hydrocarbon solvent in the material of a frozen cannabis plant, it causes complications with the extraction process of hydrocarbon. This is due to the fact that the hydrocarbon contains significantly more water than those dried flowers of the cannabis plant.

The complication is immense that is why it automatically tends to be a complex process for manufacturing the live resin concentrates. To achieve success in the preparation, the manufacturer has to keep the temperature in check through the entire extraction process of the live resin. They also have to ensure that the process is properly regulated and that there are no signs of the remains of residual solvents. It is preferred that the temperatures are low from -20°F to -50°F because at this temperature, the conditions are cold enough to separate the excess water of the plant and the butane to keep them unmixed in the process of extraction of the live resin. The cold conditions also ensure that the lipid’s solubility is limited in the case of hydrocarbon that tends to yield extracts of extremely potent effects. 




In live resin cannabis concentrates, the viscosity level is very similar to other forms of cannabis concentrates like wax or hash that are more traditional than live resin.  The usage of the live resin concentrates makes it highly possible for people to consume cannabis concentrate using their notable consumption tools.  It can be consumed using vape pens and dab rigs just like other traditional cannabis concentrates.  In the modern industry of cannabis, the dabbing process has taken a more favorable position for many individuals. The best part of dabbing is that it works similarly to bongs and the standard pipe system. It is not completely similar to the ignition part of dabbing which is revised from those traditional fashions.

The revised way means that instead of igniting the cannabis concentrate by using a flame, dabbing involves the usage of a heated nail that is not red-hot. The main reason for not using a red-hot nail is that it can create some dangerous by-products of degraded terpenes. This can ruin the whole flavor and mood, creating an unpleasant experience for the user. So, it is recommended that you should only use dabs at low temperatures. When the dabbing procedure is appropriately followed, then you can get an unfiltered strong experience of consuming fresh cannabis that gives an extreme aroma and vibrant taste. One may also use vaporizers that are also in trend with the current recreational scenario. It is a very popular method for consuming live resin concentrates.



The live resin cannabis concentrates are not easy to find because there are not many producers of such concentrates due to the complex process of extraction. It is not more common than hash, wax or shatters. Though, you can still find it in some dispensaries and a few cannabis stores. But these are very difficult to find in physical stores, so it is recommended to search for them online where you can easily acquire them on e-platforms. Many online stores follow discreet delivery procedures for those who are in search of extremely potent effects. Purchasing online does not fully guarantee the quality of live resin cannabis concentrates you can get, which is why you need to be extra careful in choosing your online supplier. And when you are able to find an excellent and reliable source you can be assured of good quality live resin cannabis concentrates that would give pleasant and satisfying effects.

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