What Are Cannabis Suppositories?

What Are Cannabis Suppositories?

After a long wait, Canada now has two options for cannabis suppositories. These extracts were technically allowed to be manufactured when legalization 2.0 rolled in October 2019, but we didn’t see any on shelves until October 2021.

And here they are. The perfect strains of cannabis for your behind – whether you’re looking to relax or get things moving.

The question now is whether Canadian consumers are ready for suppositories.

This can be a sensitive topic to discuss. Suppositories are inserted vaginally or rectally, which is a personal decision.

Although I am a medical cannabis patient and generally enjoy weed, I was hesitant to try making my own suppositories. However, once I was able to purchase ready-made pods, I found that they were quite effective and easy to use.

It can be a bit daunting to try new things, but don’t let shyness stop you. If you’re curious about suppositories or any other new weed product, go ahead and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Cannabis suppositories offer a unique and effective way to consume cannabis in Canada. They are not called weed tampons, but they are a safe and effective way to consume cannabis.

The founders, sisters Rebecca Thomson and Olivia Penner, grew up practicing regenerative and sustainable agriculture on their family farm. Now they are using their knowledge to grow a new kind of crop—CBD-enriched cannabis and hemp.

The sisters founded Prairie Grass, which produces high-quality cannabis flower, as well as Canada’s very first legal suppositories. The company’s mission is to provide safe and effective cannabis products to as many people as possible. Their flagship product, the Relief Pod, contains 10mg THC and is designed to provide relief from pain and inflammation. The Eve Pod, which contains 40mg CBD and 1.33mg THC, is designed to help with anxiety and stress.

“Suppositories have been on the traditional market for decades, a well-known format that many find effective,” says Penner. “We both have medical backgrounds, so it was very exciting for us to start developing different types of cannabis products.”

Penner and Thomson’s decision to prioritize their medical launch over the adult-use market is probably due to their respective backgrounds as a registered nurse and pharmacist. This is not a common choice for producers, as the patient market is much smaller than retail.

These pods are available to everyone, not just medical patients, making them more accessible and affordable for everyone who wants to consume cannabis.

What is the significance of the bullet?

At the time of publication, there was only one brand offering legal suppositories. However, another brand is planning to launch its own suppository line soon.

Prairie Grass suppositories are made with cannabis cultivated on their family farm and combined with a pharmaceutical base to make pods. They are shaped like little bullets for easy insertion and resemble tiny pods.

“Because the base is both fat- and water-soluble, it mixes and dissolves very well with the cannabis extract,” says Thomson, noting that cannabis extract requires a fat-soluble formulation, but the vagina and rectum are water-soluble. He explains that he likes sex.

There are many benefits to using a pod rather than a cocoa butter-based product. Pods are designed to be gentle on sensitive areas and can be used vaginally or rectally with no risk of irritation.

The suppositories are individually wrapped in a plastic shell to prevent them from being crushed or contaminated. There is no applicator; simply insert them into the desired area with your (clean) finger.

Cannabis only reaches its full potential when it’s cultivated with care and love, explains Penner. We have the agricultural experience and scientific knowledge needed to create the first legal cannabis suppository.

The sisters saw that there was a need for a product that would help people in the legal field, and they were inspired to create something that could be easily and discreetly incorporated into daily life, if needed.

Medical cannabis patients have been waiting forever

While Canada may not be ready for suppositories, patients certainly are. This new method of medication delivery is more convenient and effective for many, and so they are eager to give it a try.

“We’re ready for suppositories because we’ve been waiting forever,” said Ashleigh Brown, SheCann CEO and medicinal cannabis advocate.

Many patients have tried different methods and formats, and many have failed. So if nothing else has worked, is there any reason you can’t try something new? Absolutely.

Cannabis oil and cortisone cream may seem like unlikely treatments for vaginal discomfort, but for many women who suffer from conditions like spinal stenosis, Crohn’s disease, and chronic pelvic pain, these treatments can provide much-needed relief. Brown shares that she’s heard from SheCann members that suppositories have been effective in treating a variety of conditions that cause pain in the pelvic region. Try wrapping your mind around the kind of desperation it takes to put an entire syringe of cannabis oil into your vagina. This is never the first resort for these women.

Patients’ lived experiences are invaluable to the industry, but they cannot replace randomized clinical trials. Existing research shows that cannabinoids like THC and CBD might be helpful in treating sexual health issues for both women and men.

“The availability of legal cannabis suppositories signals to me that people are still listening to patients,” says Brown. “For years there have been many people who would have liked to try suppositories but didn’t have the energy or understanding or intention to make them.”

Cannabis suppositories can be an effective way to treat certain medical conditions, but it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider or cannabinoid specialist before using them.

There’s no need to be embarrassed, it’s just a suppository.

There is a significant number of people who are unaware of suppositories as a delivery method. Brown conducted a poll amongst SheCann members to gauge their willingness to try suppositories. 58% said yes, and 28% said maybe, indicating that there is a lack of understanding amongst this group of people.

Cannabis suppositories are a safe and effective way to use cannabinoids for therapy. They offer a smoke-free alternative to traditional methods of using cannabis, and are more efficient in delivering cannabinoids to the body.

“The last thing I want in the world is for anyone to feel ashamed and to feel shame because they don’t try suppositories. If they want to, of course,” says Brown. “We have to get over the idea that this is something taboo, or that it belongs to a certain gender. or even a particular class of issues.”

Will I get high from suppositories?

Suppositories are an effective way to deliver cannabinoids to a specific area of the body, resulting in higher absorption rates. While this may not produce the same psychoactive effects as smoking or consuming cannabis, it can still be an effective form of treatment.

“The most appropriate and responsible answer to ‘Will I be excited about this’ is that we don’t know,” Brown shared. “There is science to support the role of baclofen (a medicinal muscle relaxant) suppository, but we don’t understand the specific mechanism of action of cannabis suppositories.”

The endocannabinoid system is unique to each individual, and while many people do not feel intoxicated from cannabis use, both localized and systemic effects are possible.

When trying cannabis suppositories for the first time, it is best to do so in a safe, relaxed environment where you can take your time to see how you react to the product. Start with a low dose and go slowly to be safe.

We need to be honest about the potential risks of cannabis use, even when using it in a supposedly safe format like suppositories. Start with a low dose and go slowly to be on the safe side.


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