Things To Know About Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

October 17 2018 will be a prominent day in the history of Canada. It is the day when the use of marijuana was legalized for adults in the country. There were heated debates on the prohibition until now and after studies on the health benefits, finally, the state decided to regularize the drug. There are legal online dispensaries as well, so you can now buy weed online.

Things associated with marijuana legalization

  • Canadian provinces can tweak the regulations associated with the legalization of marijuana. The provinces are free to make amendments as they see fit.
  • The cannabis industry is targeting foreign markets as well, along with the growing domestic market.
  • Online dispensaries are being authorized to sell weeds, you as a consumer need to check the authenticity before making the purchase.
  • Legal sale of weed will have lower excise taxes. This is to curb illegal sale of marijuana. However the black market is still a concern as it can offer cannabis at lower prices than the registered dispensaries.
  • Weed sale in Canada is likely to soar on the regularization of the drug. Industry players are gearing up to meet the demand.

There’s much more to the legalizing of marijuana in Canada. Social stigma is vanishing as well and there is increased acceptance to the usage of the drug for medicinal purposes.

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