Marijuana 101: What Is Couch Lock?

Marijuana 101: What Is Couch Lock?

We all know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out what to watch on streaming when we’re feeling lazy, but this weekend is finally here! With so many delicious snacks and drinks waiting for us, we can finally take a break and relax. But before we do, we need to start our weekend weed-fest. After smoking some of our favorite weed products, we’ll be so relaxed and content that we won’t be able to focus on anything else. Suddenly, just as we’re about to start watching our favorite show, we’ll feel a wave of coldness wash over us and we’ll fall asleep on the couch.

Uh oh, you’re in for a tough time! You can’t always predict when couch lock will strike, but it can be a bit of a nuisance when it does. It’s not always a bad thing, though. Some of us could use a break from the everyday grind. Nevertheless, when couch lock happens, it’s not always pleasant. Especially if you had plans while you were high.

Do you know what a couch lock strain is? Couch lock is a weed-wide phenomenon that can have serious impacts on your health. Let’s get comfortable on our couches and talk about what is happening with couch lock strains.

Causes & Effects: What Is Couch Lock? What Does It Do?

Couch lock is a term used by the cannabis community to describe a state of relaxation and sedation. Scientifically, there are many explanations for how cannabis can cause couch lock, but much of this research is still in its early stages. So, for the purposes of this article, we’ll give you a general picture of couch lock as it is known among those who love to get high.

What do we define as a “couch lock”? Some of the signs and symptoms of couch locks you should be aware of are:

You may feel like you can’t move or stay awake, and you may experience sudden drowsiness, sleepiness or a “foggy brain.” You may have trouble focusing and perceive things oddly. You may be very tired and feel lethargic. Finally, you may feel very introspective and notice how tired you are. All of this makes you feel heavy and warm all over.

If you experience a deep sense of relaxation and comfort while lounging in a couch or chair, you may be suffering from couch lock. This condition is caused by the active ingredients in cannabis, which can lead to a state of deep relaxation and peace.

Paranoia, anxiety and fear can be common symptoms of couchlock. We’ll discuss how to defend yourself from falling too far down the rabbit hole, but for now, we’ll focus on the causes and effects of this condition.

Couch lock is not actually something to be afraid of, as it is just a symptom of the sedative effects that some couch lock strains can have on us. Even if you have been using cannabis for a long time, couch lock can take hold of the highest tolerances. Cannabinoids and terpenes can have an untold variety of effects on our brains and bodies, so trying to categorize or predict what will happen can be like doing calculus while hanging upside down.

While it’s possible that certain indica-dominant strains could be causing couchlock, it’s important to note that this is not exclusive to indicas. Many sativas can also produce similar mental and physical effects.

If it’s not the strain itself, then what can we look to for predicting when someone might start to experience couch lock? Terpenes, like with many cannabis-related things, likely hold the ultimate answers to the questions we are asking. Myrcene is one terpene that is closely associated with couch lock. Myrcene is very common in many indicas – hence the phrase for “in-da-couch” – that has a musky, spicy, clove-like aroma and flavor.


Many people believe Myrcene to be a great choice for a “couch locking terpene,” but this is just a beginning. There are hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes in different cannabis strains, and we haven’t even begun to understand all their effects yet. Until more research is done, we’ll just have to go with what the cannabis community knows for now.

How To Fight Off Couch Lock

Perhaps you were too enthusiastic about smoking some weed earlier, or you mistakenly picked a strain you were unfamiliar with. Don’t be afraid, and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by your paranoia. Even if couch lock puts a stop to your plans temporarily one of the worst things you can do is to feed into your anxiety. So, the first step in fighting off couch lock is to RELAX. This might seem strange, but allowing yourself to dwell on your anxieties, fears and paranoia will only lead to trouble.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from achieving your goals. These tips from our team of expert stoners can help you get back on your feet.

There’s no time to waste; get up and get going!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and locked in by the weed you smoked, try forcing yourself to get up and do some physical activity. Getting your blood flowing will help you fight off the feeling of being “high and unable to handle” yourself.

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Earlier we mentioned that high levels of sugar can help you to break free from a couch lock before it has a chance to immobilize you. Drinking energy drinks, soda, juice, smoothies or some other sweet beverage (as long as it’s not alcohol) willsurely help you to shake off this sleepy state.

Caffeine is the key to unlocking our best potential.

Coffee and tea are always there to help us when we need it, and even during times when we can’t get up off the couch, they’ve always been there for us. Sometimes we need to drink a lot of coffee or tea to get our energy back, but in tough times, downing a few cups of coffee – or even the whole pot! – can help us get back on our feet.

CBD is great! It’s fantastic!

Cannabidiol seems to always help us out when it comes to trouble. CBD is known to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC and other cannabinoids, depending on how much you take and how tolerant you are. That being said, the main takeaways are to consume a high dose of CBD if you experience couch lock, to wait a bit to see if it lessens, and to repeat the process if not.

Keeping a high dose CBD oil on hand can help you avoid becoming couch locked or high. Make sure the CBD oil you choose doesn’t also contain a high amount of THC so you stay safe and effective.


We offer a variety of cultivars of counterpunch, each with its own unique flavor and texture.

Sometimes it’s necessary to use more of the right kind of weed to get rid of the negative effects of the wrong kind. Strains that are associated with feelings of euphoria, upliftment, and relaxation can sometimes counteract the effects of strains that can cause feelings of being sleepy or unproductive. Always be very careful when mixing different strains for different reasons – a simple way to test this is to take a quarter of the amount you consumed of the sedating strain, and see how you feel after 30-60 minutes. CBD and terpenes are important to know when trying to counteract couch lock, so make sure you’re not trying to put out a THC fire with some Diesel strain THC fuel.



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