How To Pay With Interact E-Transfer

Step 1

Log Into Online Bank

Next, follow the simple instructions for an interac e-transfer. Once payment is complete, sit back & relax. Your order is on its way! You can track your order through your account.

Step 2

Add New Recipient

Please add our company details as a “new contact” to your etransfer contacts.

For discretion please do not reference ganjawest, gw, or anything related to our company or weed anywhere in your bank when sending an e-transfer.
This include naming us ganjawest as a recipient when setting up the e-transfer.
Your e-transfer will not be accepted and your account will be terminated

Name: bu or 1189
Email: [email protected] (please triple check the spelling!)
Number: **not required**

Step 3

Security Question & Answer

When prompted to enter a security questions, please enter your current order number.

Example: 15001

When prompted to enter a security answer for your security question, please enter. The generated code included with your order confirmation (case sensitive)

For everything else, please leave it all blank.

Including any notes, invoices or optional fields your bank may have provided.

*orders are only shipped after your interac etransfer has been received* once we have received your in etransfer payment, your order will be processed and shipped within 24-48 hours. You will automatically receive a confirmation email containing tracking details once your order has been successfully processed, packaged, & shipped.