Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

The holidays are a time for giving, but it’s important to remember that the best gifts are often the ones that don’t cost anything. Spending money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving someone a good present, and in fact, it can often add unnecessary stress to the holiday season. So instead of worrying about how much money you’re spending, focus on giving gift ideas that come from the heart.
The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of loved ones, indulge in delicious food, and create cherished memories. If you feel the need to give gifts, there are ways to do so without spending a lot of money or creating more waste.
We have found some gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life that are easy to obtain, don’t cost much, and are sure to please.

Homegrown gingerbread cookies

If you’re a gardener with a great harvest of cannabis, you should be proud of your accomplishment and show it off!
Don’t just settle for a jar of hand-picked greens – make something even more special out of it with a little extra effort.
We recommend using your flower to make cannabis-infused butter and creating a batch of simple yet festive gingerbread cookies.
There’s nothing quite like freshly baked gingerbread, straight from the oven. It’s the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.
By using our unique approach, you’ll be able to improve your results significantly.
If you want to make your own cannabutter, our guide will show you how. It’s not difficult, but you will need to be patient.
You can make weed butter by decarboxylating your cannabis in the oven, then adding it to melted butter and simmering for a few hours. Strain the mixture, refrigerate it, and you’re done!
This gingerbread cookie recipe from the Wellness Soldier is the perfect way to use your cannabutter. If you don’t have any cookie cutters, a juice glass will make perfect circle-shaped cookies every time.
When giving out homemade edibles, it is important to be aware that dosing them accurately can be tricky. To be sure of the potency of your sweets, it is best to sample them first. And as with all edibles, start with a low dose to gauge your reaction.

Mason jar flower storage

This holiday season, give the gift of organization with a set of DIY storage jars. You can find mason or canning jars at any thrift store, and they make the perfect storage solution for anyone who needs a little help getting organized.
If you have a few extra jars with lids lying around, put them to good use by repurposing them as vases. Arranging a few of them together can give your space a stylish and unique look.
For a unique touch, consider painting the lids of each jar in a different shade of their favorite color for an ombre effect when all of the jars are lined up.
Make sure to label your jars as well! You can find many free and elegant label designs online at Canva.
You can use an erasable marker to decorate or write on each jar, or if you’re feeling extra generous, pre-stock a few different strains into a few of the jars. Our recommendation for 2021 is Dosido.

Personalized stash box

On the best of days, my husband stores his stash in a draw-string bag my mom made in the 90s to hold my Barbie dolls’ clothes. On the worst of days, there are several plastic zip-lock pouches from the dispensary scattered haphazardly on our kitchen table.
A personalized stash box would make an ideal gift for someone like him. You can be creative and design one that suits your personal style.
To begin, you’ll need a vessel that’s about the size of a shoebox. You may already have something suitable around your house. Perhaps a sturdy piece of cardboard would work, or there may be a perfectly-sized plastic, metal, or wood box in a drawer or closet that you’re not using. If not, you’re sure to find something at a thrift store.
Once you have your box, the fun part begins and there are endless possibilities for decoration.
To create a chic and persuasive look, either keep it simple with an all black or all tan finish, or go bold with electric orange glitter.
You can also use a self-adhesive, patterned contact paper that is usually used to line drawers and shelves. This type of paper can be found at most dollar stores.
This is your chance to be creative and make something personal and unique. Whether you hand draw or paint something, or make a collage from magazine cut-outs, this is your opportunity to express yourself.
No matter what you end up deciding, you’ll need to put dividers inside the box to keep everything organized. This will help ensure that your various weed-related items stay in place.
There are many ways to divide up a box, including buying box dividers or making them yourself. Making your own box dividers can be easy and fun. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to customize the dividers to fit your specific needs.

Homemade moon rocks

Many people neglect to clean their coffee grinders regularly, but doing so can improve the quality of their coffee.
For the experienced cannabis consumer on your list, give the gift of moon rocks. These homemade cannabis treats are sure to send them to outer space.
Moon rocks are a type of cannabis bud that is dipped in a concentrate and then coated in kief. They can be very potent and provide unique flavors.
If you want to create your own moon rocks, you’ll need the following: some moon dust, a mortar and pestle, and a pot.
To make your own cannabis-infused oil, you’ll need some kief, your favorite concentrate or oil, a dropper, and a pair of tongs. Just grind up your kief and mix it in with the oil, then use the dropper to measure out the desired amount. Heat up the oil using the tongs, and voila! You’ve got your very own cannabis-infused oil.
To create moon rocks, follow the steps outlined in our guide.
Looking to add a personal touch to your weed smoking experience? Why not try planting your own with our weed kit. You’ll get to choose your own strains, and we promise it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience.

Plant-your-own weed kit

The only things you’ll need are a few simple items.
A pot and an envelope for seeds, along with some soil, makes for an elegant and persuasive arrangement.
If you want to go the extra mile, you could source a watering can or some plant stakes for when the baby starts to grow.
If you’re looking for a used planter, a second-hand store is a great place to start. You might be able to find soil there as well, but if not, craft stores usually carry small bags.
Carefully place your homegrown seeds into a small envelope, labeling it with the strain, year, and any growing notes. Gather everything into a box and wrap it securely with some newspaper or other recyclable material you have on hand.


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