Cannabis Massage Oil For Muscle Pain

Cannabis Massage Oil For Muscle Pain

Medical cannabis products are growing in popularity as people learn about their many benefits, including relief from muscle pain and soreness. Some of the best products are especially potent and effective when used in combination with other methods, like massage.

Cannabis massage oil can take the mellow and invigorating experience of a massage to new heights, with the added benefit of relieving inflammation. Pair it with an edible or a pre-rolled joint to experience a truly out of this world experience. This oil is especially recommended for romantic partners to help deepen and strengthen physical and emotional bonds!

CBD & Pain Management

Did you know that more people than patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined struggle with daily pain and discomfort? Bodily aches and pains are a serious issue that negatively affects the lives of people from all walks of life, professions and social statuses. Of those people who report struggling with daily pain, a full 1/3rd of them describe their pain as completely debilitating, rendering them unable to function normally at home, work or in their day to day lives.

When you are struggling with physical discomfort every day, finding a safe and effective treatment can be a lifesaving discovery. It allows you to regain control and find enjoyment in the minutia of your daily lives again. Without a constant focus on the discomfort and pain, the simple pleasures of life can be appreciated again and participation in the responsibilities of daily life becomes much less of a chore.

Many of the medications prescribed to people who find themselves in this situation have unpleasant and unwanted side effects, and in the case of opioids, the potential for developing a crippling physical addiction can be very high. By using CBD and THC-based products instead, people with pain management issues can reclaim some control over their lives without risking a dependency on a drug that has wreaked havoc in cities all over North America and beyond.

How Does CBD Help With Pain?

CBD is an essential ingredient in many of the best-known cannabis-derived medicines. It has become popular because of its natural interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the regulation of mood, memory and pain.

When you take cannabis products together with the natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cannabis plant, you get a powerful and effective pain reliever, mood booster, and muscle relaxant that is perfect for treating annoying physical aches and pains and psychological concerns like stress, anxiety, paranoia, or general discomfort.

Knowing these facts, it’s no surprise that massage oil or cannabis massage treatments are taking the medical and health and wellness communities by storm. Weed massage oil is ideal for relieving bodily aches and pains, ridding the body of stress and anxieties, and providing an overwhelming sense of well-being and reinvigoration.

Cannabis Infused Massage Oil

If you’re interested in using weed massage oil on your own, there are a few methods you can use to get started. The first and simplest way would be to purchase a tincture or CBD and THC infused cannabis extract, and add it to a simple massage oil. You’ll only need a small amount to get the benefits of CBD and THC, so a small bottle of tincture will last some time. You can make a simple and easy to use cannabis massage oil at home with just these simple ingredients anytime by mixing them together in a bowl or bottle before use.

If you want full control over the production process of cannabis oil for pain relief, there are several methods available to you. Let’s take a brief overview of the most common methods used to produce this oil- if you would like to learn more in greater detail, there are many resources available on the internet.

To make this massage oil, you’ll need some essential oils that have been known to help reduce pain and inflammation. Eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense and black pepper are all excellent choices, and together they make for a soothing, relaxing massage oil that will help reduce pain and swelling.

Adding these essential oils to your cannabis concentrate will help to increase its THC and CBD levels, making it perfect for use in massage. You can store any leftover oil in a small jar or bottle, but be sure to mix up a new batch as soon as you need it to keep it fresh.

Cannabis Massage Oil Effects

Cannabis-enhanced massages offer many benefits, including relaxation and rejuvenation. They are a unique sensory experience that is not associated with the psychoactive effects of cannabis products smoked or ingested.

Regardless of your personal views on the psychoactive effects of cannabis massage oil, there are many reasons to add this treatment into your health and wellness routine. In addition, THC and CBD oil massage treatments can provide deep healing and rejuvenation without any risk of psychoactive effects.

If you’re a veteran psychonaut who’s been disappointed by the news that you can’t just smoke a bottle of high-powered THC concentrate to achieve transcendent states of mind and body, good news! A CBD and THC-enriched massage oil can help you experience new, sensual and satisfying physical experiences while also providing your body with a powerful restorative.

This massage oil has both THC and CBD, which means that it will not get into your bloodstream through the skin, but it does have the same receptors that are found in the nervous system, brain and internal organs. These receptors can help to relieve pain, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation. When combined with other essential oils, this massage oil can create a sensual, soothing, and healing experience.


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