Cannabis Industry Amidst COVID-19

The past few months have been crucial to both the government and businesses in Canada because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen a tremendous effect on business and money related markets such as production, travel industry, tourism, and hospitality.


Cannabis Industry Amidst COVID-19

According to John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the number of COVID-19 positive cases as of this writing is 11, 284; this is not massive compared to other countries; however, this number is already alarming. Hence, COVID-19 doesn’t only make an enormous impact on businesses and producers, but also, to those independently employed or working in casual situations or low maintenance work with zero-hours contracts. A rough estimate of 9,200 workers is currently engaged in the Cannabis business industry. This number of employees have families to feed too, and this is the challenging part. Behind these numbers, lie the personal expenses of the pandemic, from the passings of loved ones to the physical impacts of disease and the psychological injury experienced by almost everyone. With all the implications COVID-19 is throwing, how does our cannabis industry cope?



How does the cannabis industry cope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? 

The significance of cannabis products to Canadian consumers cannot be doubted since it has given the cannabis industry an overwhelming number of sales since the start of marijuana legalization on October 17, 2018. What drove the popularity of cannabis products and put the cannabis industry at par with other prominent companies in the market? The citizens of Canada have found an alternative way of treating common illnesses through the use of cannabis products. It is also vital in the lives of people when it comes to satisfying their need for recreation and enjoyment. COVID-19 has an enormous effect on consumers’ consumption of cannabis products, thus, impacting the cannabis industry.

Since COVID-19 became the dominant focal point in global issues in the course of the most recent month, utilization of cannabis products across all dispensaries, whether online or local stores have been quickly moving. However, the quarantine mandate for all citizens is making waves in the cannabis industry because people are stocking up their favorite cannabis products. You don’t want to be in a home quarantine missing your favorite weed staple. 

Clinical cannabis consumers are most probably going to maintain relatively the same number of consumption levels. Non-clinical consumers, on the other hand, may change their perspective on consuming cannabis products due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this may cause an increase or decrease their weed consumption. Given this information, consumers who use cannabis products for medical purposes will most likely uplift the cannabis industry. On the contrary, consumers who use cannabis products for recreation will drastically impact the cannabis industry since they may opt not to buy cannabis products anymore amidst COVID-19. 

In the same manner, the increase in cannabis products consumption and demand will most likely happen since consumers around the globe where marijuana is legal, are already bulk buying because of COVID-19 economic impact. Consumers’ bulk buying of cannabis products resulted in record-breaking deals  and this is an enlightening disclosure to the cannabis industry amidst COVID-19. In addition, suppliers will continue to supply a wide selection of cannabis products to all  its online dispensaries in Canada in support of the quarantine mandate of the government. Buying weed online is the best choice since you don’t have to risk your life outside looking for cannabis products. 

Staying at home is your most viable option to keep you and your family safe. We all want to be alive after this pandemic is over, right? As a weed consumer, you have an edge to those who find enjoyment outdoors such as partying all night, playing basketball or even sipping their favorite coffee inside a coffee shop. Because you can consume your favorite cannabis products at home and achieve the satisfaction others cannot. You have to buy weed through trusted and reliable online dispensaries in Canada and it will be safely delivered right at your doorstep. Delivery services also observe COVID-19 precautionary measures in handling MOM packages, so this will be less of a problem. With loyal weed consumers like you, the cannabis industry won’t reach rock bottom when it comes to sales and profit amidst COVID-19. 

Having said all circumstances and perspectives, the cannabis industry is apparently surviving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Cannabis products are deemed necessary especially during this difficult time. Nobody should suffer excruciating pain due to illness because cannabis products can alleviate this. It is already saddening to hear and watch the news everyday about the impact and implications of COVID-19 and we can be relieved with anxiety by consuming cannabis products. 

It is significant for organizations to show solidarity and work together to ensure staff, neighborhood networks, and consumers, just as keeping supply chains, assembling, and coordinations working. Unity surpasses even the most difficult challenges, even COVID-19. Together we can.

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