Different Weed Products To Try When You Are In Saskatchewan

Weeds or marijuana comes from the seeds, dried flowers, leaves, and stems of cannabis indica plants. Millions of people use this popular drug. Most people know weed only as a drug that can make you feel high but with the latest study and research today they are also known for the medical benefits they offer. Therefore, the Canadian government has made weed use legal in the country. It means even citizens of Saskatchewan can enjoy weed consumption in several ways. However, there is a possession limit imposed by the government that means you have to consume within that limit.

Moreover, the good news is that now you can easily buy weed through private stores as well as online stores. The SLGA regulates these stores. Consumers can now place their orders online without worrying about legal issues as all the stores are run by licensed retailers. However, it does not mean that you don’t check their license as few stores are running illicitly. To know more about cannabis retail in Saskatchewan, read the next section of this guide.

Cannabis retail rules

  • Approximately 51 outlets have a permit to sell cannabis and more are in the process.
  • Only the adults above 19 are allowed to buy weeds online or from local stores within the province.
  • All the cannabis products that are sold have an excise stamp.
  • Buyers can purchase only 30 grams which are the maximum amount at a time from the online retail shops and dispensaries.
  • Minors are now allowed to shop cannabis products even under the assistance of parents or guardians.
  • While shopping a proof of age is required.

Despite legalization, many people are still confused about whether consuming weed is safe or not. They are also concerned whether it shows the same effects as that of vaping or smoking on ingesting the weeds. In the next section, we are going to explain the health effects of eating weed.

Is it good to eat weed?

Yes, drinks and foods infused with weed are popular consumption method and therefore many online weed stores sell new flavorful edibles. To your surprise, the history of consumption of weed dated back to 1000 B.C. tinctures and edibles were in use to treat digestive disorders, relieve stress, and other chronic pain conditions. However, not all people know how to consume it while others don’t prefer traditional ways.

So, if you don’t like the traditional style of consuming weeds then edibles like capsules, oils, chocolates, candies, gummies, and teas. These are legal edibles in Saskatchewan which you can buy online. Moreover, you can infuse the marijuana oil or butter with baked goods and in your favorite recipes.

Is weed healthy?

Yes, after considering the proven health benefits of weed the Saskatchewan government has legalized its use. it has also become a popular medical ailment in most of the clinical settings. Weeds are good to treat anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, chronic pain and more. Marijuana shows health benefits due to an active compound it contains called THC. THC causes relaxation and feelings of euphoria. Another active compound present in weed is CBD that is known to have properties helpful in reducing anxiety and pain.

Moreover, these powerful therapeutic compounds can treat pain, weight loss, and poor appetite as well. So, if you need instant relaxation and better treatment and pleasure at the same time then buy weeds from Saskatchewan online stores.

Eating vs. smoking weed

Edible weed products show no ill effects on health, therefore, they are preferred widely as an alternative to smoking. Moreover, smoking weed is not a popular choice among weed lovers as edibles are popular options. So it depends on the consumer what choice he prefers.

How else can I consume weeds other than smoking?

Different consuming methods effects differently where few can be less effective than others. Try these popular consumption methods next time when you purchase weeds online from Saskatchewan stores.


Millennial consumers prefer dabbing as it is a cleaner option to smoking as there are no chemical residues present in the concentrate. However, first-time users may not handle the effects of dabbing as it is too powerful. 


Online stores have convenient vaporizers that are handy to carry. Some of the models have all cannabis types like flowers as well as concentrates. The vaporizer heats the weed to produce vapors which a user can inhale. This is a popular choice because even a not so strong weed can get you higher by vaping. Many decent vaporizers are available online that contain custom e-liquids, rich flowers, and concentrates. 


Edibles show the varying effect on consumers as some can get you high while others lose their effect in the first pass. Edible oils, teas, candies are a good way to consumer weeds. Moreover, the consumption of edibles is legal in Saskatchewan.

Topical application 

Cannabis topical is good as it can treat skin conditions as well such as psoriasis and eczema. The beauty industry is now introducing topical for their weed lover consumers. you can get different topical such as creams, lotions, balms and more from the online weed stores in Saskatchewan.


Medical cannabis users can consume weeds by the best method that is placing weed drops under the tongue. Tinctures having CBD content takes only 20 minutes to show the effect. Moreover, they don’t lose the effect after the first pass. CBD tinctures are legally sold at the online stores. If you want to get very high then try high THC tinctures.

Purchase safe weeds from online Saskatchewan stores

When trying weed for the first time no matter whether for recreational or medical purposes, consider safety. Never take an overdose of weed products. Also, purchase from a dispensary or online store that is legal. The best option is that you make an online purchase as it is safer than local shops and convenient as well. They have tested the product with the excise stamp that proves their safety. 

First-time users may get confused due to the availability of a variety of weed products such as edibles, tinctures, topical and more. However, depending upon the effect they want they can make their choices.